What should I tell my child about coming to Our Kids?

Many parents worry that telling children about the check-up before coming to Our Kids will cause them to become upset and worried. However, it is important that children have accurate information about their visit so they will know what to expect, can prepare themselves and have time to ask questions and express their feelings. Children are often less worried and more cooperative with medical procedures when they have been prepared in advance for what they will experience.

A few days before your appointment:

  • Explain to your child that they will be coming to Our Kids for a check-up.
  • Children should be told that they will talk with a person who will ask questions about their body and their health and that a nurse will look at their body, including their private parts, to make sure they are healthy.
  • It is possible that blood will be drawn or that a shot will be given to your child.
  • Reassure your child that the staff at Our Kids will help them every step of the way.
  • Encourage them to bring along a stuffed animal, blanket or other comforting object if it will help them feel more at ease.