What happens when I come to Our Kids?

  1. You will register at the front desk and complete a questionnaire concerning your child’s behavior and medical history.
  2. Next, you will meet with a medical or mental health professional who will ask you questions about your child, particularly regarding the statements, behaviors and/or signs that have raised concerns that your child may have been sexually abused. A nurse practitioner or doctor will talk with you further to learn about any medical problems or illnesses your child has had.
  3. A member of our professional staff will talk privately with your child to answer questions about the check-up, and to prepare the child for the evaluation. School-aged children may also be asked about worries or concerns they have about their bodies, and about types of sexual contact they have had. This information helps our medical team know what to look for and what tests may be needed during the evaluation to make sure your child is healthy.
  4. Following the evaluation, the results will be shared with you if you are the child’s legal guardian. Any questions or concerns you have will be discussed.