“They said my body was normal. They told me I have a healthy body…they said I was normal!”
Patient, age 7

“A child’s innocence is not lost because of sexual abuse. Their innocence is lost when we fail them…when we don’t understand their vulnerability. I can’t change things so that it never happened. But I can fight the fight they can’t. And I can speak the words they need to hear: I believe you. It was not your fault.”
Lisa Dupree, Social Worker at Our Kids since 1992

Testimonials from Caregivers

“Our Kids has treated me and my grandchild with such dignity and respect. We are going to get through this. I know that now.”

“Our Kids has helped me through the worst experience of my life. Now I know my daughter and I can look at the future with hope. We can heal. And I understand how to protect her.”

“My children understand that they don’t need to be ashamed of their bodies. Thank you Our Kids staff.”

“Our appointment at Our Kids was so important to me. I was reassured that I’m being a good mother.”

“Talking about what has happened really helped me. Thank you.”

“What helped me the most was the care and kindness shown.”

“Being able to talk about everything and cry a little bit really helped me.”

“What helped me the most was seeing my child be comfortable and begin to open up about what happened. Thank you to the staff for making both of us feel safe.”

“The staff really cared about my daughter and her health. She felt okay talking to them about what happened.”

“Everything was so professional, done in a timely manner and most importantly they were caring and not pushy and fast. They made sure I understood everything that was going on.”

“What helped me the most today was getting closure and realizing I’m not God and I can’t fix everything by myself. I know I need to support my daughter no matter what.”

“He has never been treated so well at a medical appointment. My son felt really special.”

“The staff helped me understand what my child is going through. They showed me how to apply the medicine.”

“The staff are very kind and understanding with this difficult situation. They took the time to explain everything and to reassure me.”