Help a Child

Our Kids - Help A ChildOur Kids provides expert medical evaluations, crisis counseling and other services to children and families affected by child sexual abuse. Our Kids also conducts research and increases community awareness about child sexual abuse.

At Our Kids, nurse practitioners and social workers respond to the unique needs of each child and caregiver. Our Kids provides the following clinical services:

  • Expert medical evaluations
  • Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmissible illnesses and other infections
  • Crisis intervention for children and caregivers
  • Referral services for children and caregivers
  • 24/7 on call coverage provided by both nurse practitioners and social workers
  • Training program for Vanderbilt General Pediatric Residents
  • Expert court testimony
  • Service to 47 counties in Middle Tennessee
  • Research adding to the knowledge of child sexual abuse
  • Training about child sexual abuse for referral sources and other groups


Download A Visit To The Our Kids Center for more information.

Visit the Bring a Child page for information on scheduling an appointment. Or if you know a child in need, visit the Refer a Child page for information on how to report abuse.

You can also visit our FAQs page for answers to questions parents often ask when they come to our facility.